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Wish List!!!!
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This is where I will post my wish list.  I hope you check back often to see what new things I am longing for.  It may change (I.E.-> get longer)  often so keep visiting.  Happy birthday to me.  Happy birthday to me.  :D

My Wish List:

   Random Stuff
  1. I-pod video
  2. money
  3. gift cards( Eb games, gamestop, mall, candy store, ect.)
Play station portable games
  1. Rengoku T
  2. Rengoku T
  3. Dynasty warriors T
  4. Transformers the game T
  5. Bomberman E
  6. Rachet N clank : size matters T
  7. Call of Duty : Road to victory T
  8. KillZone : Liberation T
  9. Jewel Summoner T
  10. Medal of Honor : Honor Heroes T
  11. Final fantasy 1 T
  12. test Drive Unlimited T
  13. Metal gear Acid M
  14. Chili con narnage M
Play station Portable Movies
  1. The Punisher
  2. Alien vs. Predator
  3. Terminator 1
  4. Terminator 2


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