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Welcome to my world my world my lovely world my world

  Hi my name is Megan and this is MY territory, you don't get it, you don't got it, you ain't good. Once you have that down, then you may keep reading. I love to listen to music in my territory. Anyways whoever enters must enjoy it or else!

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-If we were a movie and Who said by: Hannah Montana (aka Miley Cyrus)
- Genius in France by: Weird Al

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 I'm going to camp tomorrow the 9th and coming back on the 14th and then leaving to go to North Carolina on the 15th and coming back on the 26th then leaving with my dad to go to Lake Anna on the 27th then going from there to Williamsburg on the 5th and coming back to Virginia on the 7th and leaving for Kentucky with my grandma on the 10th for a week. That is my busiest time of the summer.  

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