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Welcome to my Web site!

Please feel free to look around at this page.  Also follow my links to the left.  Some of my favorite websites are down below. My page will be better soon, so don't give up on me.  haha!  Have fun!

**Just as a little side note: The icons in the upper-left-hand-corners are links back to my main page.  :)

Favorite Links:


These are some of my favorite websites ever!  Hope you like them too.



Adorable News:

I got an adorable puppy dog.  He is a bichon frise named Cosmo.  I love him!!


Screen Names:


Get online and talk to me!  This is a great idea if you're at work/ school and you are really bored.  :>)

Yahoo- chica7392

AIM- wayweird22




**We have competed 3 times now.  We have gotten 3rd place and two 4th places.  Thanks to everybody that came out and supported us at Symphony of Design!


**The winter guard has started!  Yea!  This year there are two different guards at my school: Purple and Silver.  I am on the purple guard which is a higher level guard.


**Hey!  I lettered in guard!  Hooray!! Also, I just made the varsity guard for this season.  It is highly competitive, so come watch me some time!



Sam's Life Update:

  - Sam is a sophomore in high school.

- Continuing with guard.  They are still kicking butt and taking names.

- Has her permit.  Stay off the roads.  (and sidewalks....Lol) !!!!!!!!!!

- Still LOVES to have fun!  }:O)

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